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Sometimes, we can't find the perfect words when we need them most. The inspiring quote you wrote on a sticky note but couldn't find at work, those affirming words you captured from a social media feed lost among hundreds of other screenshots, or the mantra you recite about new beginnings twice a day when you remember, except, you never remember.

Whether it's a message of hope for a new college student, of momentum for an athlete, of new beginnings for someone in recovery, of confidence for a new business owner, a message of compassion for a friend, encouragement to pursue dreams, a verbal hug, or a reminder to hustle hard--we bring the perfect words within reach.

What's more, we can personalize nearly every item for you. Share the love and give the gift of a personalized Wonderfli gift. We all know someone who needs a reminder that they’re awesome, who’s going thru a difficult time, or could just use another reason to smile. From cards to jewelry, almost any item can be personalized to include their initials.

Something Special
for Everyone.





Christian Jewelry

Christian Jewelry

Inspirational jewelry should say a lot in a few words. Wonderfli jewelry is designed to uplift and inspire. Inspire a new college students, remind your bbf that she’s smart and brave, remind anyone struggling that things will get better or just bring a smile to someone’s face.

Let’s get personal. For a memorable and meaning touch, include your friend or loved ones initials. Always complimentary. 


Greeting cards


Merry Christmas


Looking to encourage a new graduate, uplift someone who’s down or even struggling with an ongoing illness, or maybe just bring a smile to someone’s face?
Our cards give you the perfect words whatever the situation. We get it. You might say, we complete your sentences.

Settling for generic thinking-of-you cards and get-well cards and gifts is meh. Most just don't fit.
Wonderfli cards include all original artwork and writing. Our greeting cards express what's on your heart.


Each Wonderfli gift has a purpose.

To uplift, inspire, and be personable. We create smiles.

Whether you’re shopping our hand stamped jewelry or greeting cards, you’ll always find the perfect words to support your friends and family.

What’s more, we understand the power of personalization. That’s why you can include your recipient's initials on most gifts and a special message in every greeting card.

And, if you’ve been looking for Christian anxiety or mental health awareness jewelry, we’ve got you covered.